Blog #14

I ended up going over two reviews, I have never seen these movies in my life, but I have heard that they are good movies. The first one was Beatriz at Dinner, to be brief this movie is about a massage therapist named Beatriz (portrayed by Salma Hayek) who after visiting a patient who lives in a gated community, kind of gets stuck there because her car breaks down. Her patient offers her a place to stay while her mechanic can get to her in the morning, and she ends up inviting her for dinner. At dinner, she meets very racist people. But they weren’t straight-up racists. The writer of this review uses personal experiences to relate to the movie. The writer, who was born in Mexico, shares how the movie and its jokes are seen by two different audiences, I’m pretty sure you can guess who those audiences are. This writer used the topic of discrimination to talk about this movie because it is what the movie is about. Even, Salma Hayek, a very well known actress, talked about how she’s been discriminated and almost made fun of because of her accent.

The second review was about the movie Annihilation, now this movie is about an all women’s team of scientists who embark on a mission to explore a “shimmer” that was left behind after a comet hit a lighthouse (watch the trailer because it’s really hard to explain). This writer uses a lot of gifs throughout the review, which is very appealing to audiences. Also, the writer uses curse words such as “bad shit” to describe the stuff that went down in the movie, using this type of language made it seem like he/she wasn’t trying to be formal with their audience. Also, it seemed interesting when they said something along the lines of “now we know humans are stupid, and these dumbass characters did the most expected thing ever”. I feel like using this type of language may appeal to the type of audiences that watch Sci-Fi films, knowing what your audience is like is key.



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